Electronic Cigarette Smoking

Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes

In the past few decades dozens – or perhaps hundreds would be more accurate – solutions to smoking have been foisted upon the smoking public, desperate to find something that will help them break the deadly habit, or at least give them an alternative so they can reduce the number of cigarettes they fire up each day. The newest one, the electronic cigarette, offers significant hope to smokers because it replicates the smoking experience in a very realistic way, so that the user enjoys the practices and habits that are part of making smoking enjoyable. And they also get a dose of nicotine that keeps the awful cravings at bay. The electronic cigarette they choose offers these benefits without also delivering the harmful, carcinogen-laden smoke and chemicals that traditional cigarettes impart straight to the mouth, throat and lungs.

Those who enjoy using an electronic cigarette prefer them to simply chewing a piece of nicotine gum because it allows them to carry on the rituals that every smoker enjoys – inhaling a drag, savoring it for a moment, before exhaling it into the air. While those who want to quit smoking often say they don’t know what to do with their hands, an electronic cigarette solves that problem. In short, without lighting up, they go through the same motions without the harmful effects.vaping cigarette

There are other reasons that make the electronic cigarette a favorite among smokers. While laws vary a bit, the electronic cigarette is not prohibited by the same laws that block smokers from lighting up real cigarettes in public places like their place of work, a school or municipal building, and even in many restaurants and bars. Some communities have gone so far as to ban cigarette smoking from outdoor venues, too! The electronic cigarette lets the smoker enjoy themselves worry free, and the variety of cartridge types available give the smoker options including flavored smokes!

It goes without saying, perhaps, that there are significant cost savings when a smoker switches to an electronic cigarette. After the initial cost for an electronic cigarette, the price for refill cartridges is far less than the cost of the comparable number of packs of cigarettes.


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