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  • BulletFever1:

    In every single video, the link to buy the product which is being reviewed
    is in the top-right corner 🙂

  • henri brown:

    oh i didn’t see that, thanks!! 🙂

  • BulletFever1:

    Hehe, you’re welcome 😀

  • igetcha69:

    its in the top right hand corner throughout the review and i tell you at
    the start and at the end of the vid! 😛 lol


    I remember that video. He told this guy “now jog on ya mug” That was
    priceless. Since I seen that tutorial,i been doing rings like “massive”lol.

  • igetcha69:

    lol, well it wouldnt be pointless for my American viewers though! 😀

  • Deuce Nukem:

    that look of surprise around the 13 minute mark was priceless XD

  • tinbird87:

    Hi Scott, do you smoke tobacco as well and how do you compare with

  • Russell Wishtart:

    No…the only thing that is pointless is your comment.

  • Russell Wishtart:

    Scott has a worldwide audience. He reviews products from all over the world
    that are available locally as well as globally. Perhaps a UK vendor would
    be interested in carrying a product only available in the US after seeing
    one of Scott’s reviews. You’re being shortsighted and thick.

  • igetcha69:

    hi mate, when i 1st started back in 2008 i would still have the occasional
    cigarette, but i am now 100% vapour! 😀 cheers scott

  • pcplsdxtc:

    Hi Scott!!! Grat review man like always! Can you tell me wihich e-cig (with
    real cig look like this) is the best to buy (longest battery life, proper
    vape) in UK?? Im looking for something like henleys coz i dont wanna use my
    1100mAh ego twist battery (long like Harry Potters magic stick) and big
    jumbo tank in Pubs or Casinos:) All i need is to take something small with
    me and use it sometetimes in more official places for few hours:)

  • igetcha69:

    hi mate, check out my reviews of the Innokin AIO or Sport V1P 😉 cheers

  • igetcha69:

    hi mate, you should take a look at something like a nice carto tank to use
    with your Provari…..check out my review on the Trap Tank 😉 cheers scott

  • igetcha69:

    hi mate, i explained those details at 04:47 😉 cheers scott

  • Jared Kelly:

    is there any harmful stuff in it

  • igetcha69:

    hi mate, as with any atomiser, just rinse it under a warm tap and then
    allow it to dry 🙂

  • Parth Sigdel:

    Hey how much does this costs?

  • Leah Holmes:

    I agree why the hell would you want to start smoking these if you don’t
    smoke do you no nothing these are still bad for you not as bad as fags but
    really they don’t no what the long term affect of smoking them are I wish I
    had never started smoking it ain’t Cool I’m twenty six and have bad Asmara
    because I smoke I have tried to quit and it never works nicotine is so
    addictive you can get nicotine free e cigs but still I would use them as
    like I said smoking anything is bad for you !!

  • igetcha69:

    thats not the point though is it! lol why would a NON SMOKER want to start
    using e-cigs?…….that is the point! the only NON SMOKERS who would want
    to start using e-cigs are very likely to be prepubescent teenagers who
    think it looks cool and to try and impress their friends its irrelevant
    that e-cigs are healthier than cigarettes as they are a healthier
    alternative for SMOKERS to switch away from harmful tobacco…..they are
    not a toy to look cool in front of your mates! 😛

  • Razha Strel:

    but… isn’t that the reason why every smoker started smoking? .-.

  • CuteeKiller:

    I dont know why…but your amazing for some reason….u should know that

  • igetcha69:

    lol, cheers! 😀

  • slyme1711:

    top review though until I saw your hands I thought the zipper on your shirt
    was your tiny little body ! Also I don’t think you should fan the smoke
    away so much because it reminds people of how smoking in general is such a
    strange and antisocial habit. The stigma now asociated with smoking, well
    here in Oz at least is almost criminal. I’m sure in a short time here you
    will have to score tobacco in dark laneways.. Great review though, I’m
    looking forward to the next one.

  • igetcha69:

    hi mate, the only reason why i fan away the vapour is because its very
    distracting and blocks my view of the monitor which provides me with
    information regarding focus, exposure, length of recording time etc etc
    cheers scott

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