Supersmoker / electronic cigarette teardown.

Got a used disposable Supersmoker from a colleague. It seems not to be that disposable at all. this is 1 of 2 short teardowns.

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  • KE5SUI:

    You’re correct about just about everything. the pressure sensor is just an
    electret microphone, it senses a pressure change and turns on. The coil
    around the silica wick is either kanthal or nichrome and heats up when
    power is applied to it. The one you took apart is one of the better
    designed disposables i’ve seen. Probably had a pretty good vapor output.
    The battery is a lithium ion cell. If the ecig uses a standard coil, its
    going to be between 2 and 3 ohms.

  • coondogtheman1234:

    I’d like to make a mini flashlight out of one of these.

  • FullFledged2010:

    Ik stond op het punt die van mij ook uit elkaar te pulleke maar dat hoeft
    nu dus niet meer. Tof dat er mensen zijn dat die dit soort stuff uploaden.
    Thx m8!

  • virgobratt:

    Sooo I took apart my e-hookah cig and accidentally pierced the battery with
    an exacto knife. white smoke puffed out and it got REALLY HOT … so I
    threw it out the window. Should I be concerned?

  • marcel.o r:

    Just a lithium reaction. Good thing you threw it outside. they could
    combust in no-time. be careful with lithium batteries

  • Matthijs van de Water:

    Mooi accent haha

  • coondogtheman1234:

    What brand of e-cig is that? Do the NJOY brands have the same battery?

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