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Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?
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Electronic Cigarettes and Quitting Smoking

Electronic Cigarettes

Is quitting smoking a priority for you and you’re wondering if electronic cigarettes might be the answer? The good news is that thousands of smokers every month are using them to quit the smoking habit, and changing their life in the process.

If you know it’s time to give up smoking and want to know what the benefits are, we offer these 7 reasons to motivate you to give them a try.

1. They may save your life! Let’s start there, shall we? Smoking is a direct contributor in the death of millions of people every year. The list of diseases with a direct correlation to cigarette smoking is long and tragic and only starts with lung cancer and heart disease. With electronic cigarettes you get none of the smoke, tar, chemicals and other toxins that pack cigarettes. You’ll be healthier, feel healthier and look healthier when you ditch the tobacco in favor of electronic cigarettes and thousands of satisfied, healthier customers are living proof.

2. You’re not endangering others with second hand smoke. Parents feel guilty about smoking around their children because they’re concerned they are causing harm to their loved ones, and many studies point to this as strong possibility. .  

3. You will save money. The cost of a pack of cigarettes has risen dramatically and many smokers spend more for their smokes than they do on their car payment or mortgage each month. Electronic cigarettes cost the equivalent of about $1 per pack, compared with $4-$6 for standard cigarettes. Use the money to improve your life and the lives of those you love, pay down your mortgage or enjoy some of the nicer things life has to offer!

4. You might smoke less. Most smokers feel obligated to smoke each cigarette until it’s gone. With the electronic alternative, you only smoke until you are satisfied, and that usually occurs in less than half the puffs of a typical cigarette. You’ll smoke less and eventually depend upon it less so that you can quit smoking for good.

5. You’ll get cheaper home, health and life insurance. Give your insurance agent a call and let them know. The savings will encourage you to make the move away from cigarettes a permanent one!

6. No more smoke breaks in the cold, heat or rain. This one speaks for itself, doesn’t it? With most buildings and workplaces now being smoke-free, it’s head outside to light up – no matter what the weather conditions – or stay inside and enjoy an ecigarette.

7. They may save your life! That’s one that absolutely bears repeating. Be there for the wonderful events that lie ahead; don’t miss out on anniversaries, travel, special moments in the lives of kids or grandkids, enjoying retirement, etc.

With so many good reasons to try electronic cigarettes, there’s really no reason to wait. A healthier, better and happier life is yours when you take this important step and take control of your health and your future.