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7 Reasons to Buy Electronic Cigarettes
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Why Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Why Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

Many smokers who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired have dumped tobacco cigarettes and now buy electronic cigarettes. You probably have friends that have used them to stop smoking or are in the process of doing so. Smokers need little encouragement to try to kick the smoking habit, so we won’t dwell on issues like lung cancer, heart disease, horrible breath, high prices and stinking clothes. Hopefully this guide will help. Here are the top 7 reasons to kick the tobacco habit and buy electronic cigarettes instead.

1. Safety
How about that! Smoking without damaging your health. That’s the key benefit offered by e-cigarettes. You don’t inhale smoke, the lung-coating tar and the deadly chemicals every tobacco cigarette is laced with. What you do inhale is a gentle mist that contains an appropriate amount of nicotine. The mist is entirely safe. You won’t even get smoke in your eyes!

2. They Simulate Smoking
You could put on a nicotine patch but that doesn’t work for many smokers. The reason is that smoking, while addictive chemically, is also about a relaxing ritual you go through every time you take a drag. It’s a habit. Using an electronic cigarette is very much like smoking a conventional cigarette in terms of the physical act. It takes just a short time to get used to and then you’ll enjoy the process of “lighting up” like you always have.

3. You’ll Enjoy a Nic’ Kick
The joy of smoking is more than the habit, isn’t it? We all enjoy the nicotine kick that comes from smoking. When you buy electronic cigarettes and use them instead, you don’t have to go “cold turkey.” The mist you inhale contains enough nicotine to make smoking an e-cigarette pleasurable. If you choose to use electronic cigarettes as a means to quitting for good, you can gradually wean yourself from them without the dangers of tobacco.

4. There’s No Second-Hand Smoke
If you are a smoker, you have probably worried about the impact of your smoking on those around you including children, a mate, elderly parents and even the family pets. We won’t review the well-established facts regarding the real dangers of second-hand smoke. It’s enough to know that e-cigarettes will free you from the worry and guilt you’ve been dealing with.

5. Electronic Cigarettes are Cheaper
Taxes on cigarettes continue to climb. Buying electronic cigarettes now costs less than buying conventional smokes.

6. You Can’t Burn Down the House
Most smokers have had a close call with fire, whether from falling asleep or dumping an ashtray in the trash. That risk is ended with e-cigarettes.

7. You’ll Enjoy Fresher Clothes and Breath
No need to go into the issues of smoky clothes and bad breath. We’ve been approached by friends fresh from a cigarette enough to know what’s going on. Being smoke-free means smelling the way you want to smell – not smelling like an ashtray.

What can buying electronic cigarettes do for you? Reread our top 7 reasons to buy electronic cigarettes and you’ll understand just how life-changing they can be for you and those you care about.